A Desperate Turn to Scheduling

This is a short practical post today. My last post was a declaration of war (I mean a declaration of writing,) this one will follow with what every succesful campaign needs: a battle plan. No matter how well intentioned our declarations and resolutions might be, nothing will change unless we change it. I cannot approach […]

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A Failure to Defend: a Brutal Look at Excuse Making

There is a line that most of us are very bad at holding, it is a line that must be drawn and closely guarded if we are going to succeed in our chosen creative fields. Those of us who have work outside of our own projects are constantly juggling our time. When those day jobs […]

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The Tao of Creating

  “An actor sees himself as potential universe… He believes he contains universal light; and that his entire life is devoted to revealing his vision of Universe as clearly and as resplendently as possible.” While William Ball was focusing on actors, his words could apply to all artists. Whether I’m writing, acting, painting, or even […]

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Iceland photo by Mary C Kehoe

The Unmapped Life of a Creative

The hardest part of living life as a Creative in any form is that it’s not just taking the road less traveled it’s stepping off the road all together. Go read as many interviews with authors, screenwriters, artists, graphic designers, and the rest, that you can find and I can guarantee that no two “origin […]

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A Bad Book’s Good Side

We’ve all been there. We’ve picked up a book that promised a wonderful escape from the tedium of our days and found ourselves increasingly disappointed. In the roulette that is book buying, we lost. Now, for those of us who are writers, this is not a total loss. Though not the adventure we hoped would […]

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Literary Killing and Literal Death

I made my first kill today. In my writing. Turns out I go through the same grief pattern as I do when reading. First comes the denial. Surely they’re not really dead. You might think that’s odd, coming from the writer who is in fact making it all up. Wouldn’t I know if I was […]

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